Pleased to announce that Weeks Law and Fletcher Law have united and are now practicing as MERGEN LAW LLP effective September 1st 2019.

Calgary’s Friendly & Affordable Lawyers

Oh no! You need a lawyer!

Believe us, we understand where you’re coming from. Looking for a lawyer isn’t fun, especially when you want one who speaks to you in plain English and offers just the services you need at an affordable price.

Our practice is tailored to people just like you, people looking for effective, professional, affordable legal advice in a relaxed setting. And you can really relax, knowing that we are always looking for ways to save you money, doing things like giving you a discount on the suggested probate fee guidelines, affordable wills, and reducing mortgage payout penalties.

We’d love to help you with your wills and estate planning, probate, real estate, and small business requirements. You’ll find us experienced and knowledgeable as well as welcoming and easy to talk to. With weekend availability, we go out of our way to make your visits with us as convenient and enjoyable as possible while providing you with solid, reliable legal advice you can trust.

Here’s what you can expect from our high-performance team:


Your time is as valuable as any lawyer’s. For your convenience, we provide:

  • Free parking
  • Weekend access, by appointment only

The Law Demystified

Do you want Calgary lawyers who speak non-legalese (plain English) and will explain what you need to know in terms you can understand before you sign anything? We get rid of all the gobbledygook so you understand each step of the process and are clear on what’s happening. This puts you in control of your legal situation and makes the process much less stressful.

Calgary Lawyers Who Provide Practical, Effective Solutions

We focus on giving you frank, practical advice and address your concerns in the most affordable and efficient manner possible. If we think a service is going to waste your time and money, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Professional, Timely Legal Services

Timely services save you expense and aggravation. You can rest assured that when we’re working on your file, you are our most important client and we’ll strive to meet all deadlines. To put it simply, we put our experience to work for you and we’re willing to do what it takes to help you accomplish your goals.

A Lighter Touch

Let’s face it: you’re not here for fun and games but to resolve serious legal issues. We recognize the stress of legal negotiations and transactions and try to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible. You’ll find a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and warm, friendly staff when you walk in our doors—and you may even be smiling when you walk out. In fact, many of our clients seem to appreciate that they leave laughing as much as they appreciate our legal services!

Your Calgary Law Firm Services

Wills & Estates

Get help you with all your estate planning needs: wills, enduring power of attorney, personal directives (living wills) and estate trusts. Busy schedule? Complete our online Wills Package and receive a free quote without leaving the comfort of your home.

Probate Alberta Guide

Have questions about probate? Need a probate lawyer? You’ll find the answers to your questions and information about our services in our comprehensive Alberta Probate Guide.

Estate Litigation

There are numerous estate issues that can create legal disputes and claims, resulting in estate litigation. We can advise you on all of the above issues as they pertain to your specific case, and provide our opinion on the challenges you may face if you decide to proceed.

Small Business Services

Your job is to run your business. Our job is to handle the legal red tape. We’re here to help you with incorporation, shareholder agreements, business purchase or sale, and any business agreements or leases.

Real Estate Lawyer Services

Whether you’re buying or selling, our goal is to bring about a successful real estate transaction as stress-free and pleasantly as possible. Are you refinancing or paying out your mortgage? We have helped many clients reduce their payout penalties and may be able to do the same for you.

B.C. Real Estate Services

You don’t have to deal with far-away law firms. As members of the Law Society of British Columbia, we can handle all your BC real estate and mortgage needs right in our Calgary offices, saving you travel time and inconvenience.

Business Buying Advice

Buying a business is not like buying a house. Our business buying advice will keep you from making costly mistakes during the business purchase process.

Tips on Selling Your Small Business

Selling your business is a complicated and stressful process. Discover the issues involved and make sure you are educated and prepared.

Calgary Notary Public Services

Quick and easy notary services: affidavits, passports, statutory declarations, permanent resident card applications, consent to travel and more. By appointment only.

Most honest lawyer I have ever met.

- Dr. Hamid Majid