Your Calgary Business Sale Lawyer: Friendly & Affordable

What can your business sale lawyer do for you when you sell your business? We will:

  • Make sure all corporate legal documentation is current.
  • Examine any shareholder agreements prior to the sale to make sure there are no unforeseen problems.
  • Examine all your contracts and agreements, such as:
    • Premises leases
    • Employment agreements,
    • Franchise agreements
    • Supplier and customer agreements, etc.

We will examine these documents and explain any issues to you early in the process will prevent problems down the road.

Throughout the process, we will also be available to provide guidance and advice. For instance, your lawyer can address any legal questions or problems that arise during the buyer’s due diligence process. We also provide valuable assistance in negotiating the purchase and sale agreement and all supporting documents. Because the purchase and sale agreement is generally prepared by the buyer’s lawyer, your lawyer will ensure your interests are protected and that the agreement represents your interpretation of the deal.

Finally, we will work with the buyer’s lawyer to ensure a timely and thorough process and steady movement toward closing the deal.

We are there to protect your interests and make sure that the business gets sold and stays sold.