Calgary Franchise & Branding Lawyer: Here to help with Franchise & Branding

Let’s build your legacy

Whether you’re looking to establish, promote, purchase or sell a franchise here in Calgary or elsewhere within Canada, MERGEN LAW can help you maximize your objectives.

From the food service industry to hospitality and technology, our team has experience defining corporate structures, preparing franchise agreements, creating and protecting your Brand and registering your product’s copyright material and trademarks and generally assisting and consulting in defining and achieving your special identity and goals.

Franchising and Branding is an important step in the evolution and leveraging of your business. Make sure you’re aware of every potential advantage.

Franchising in Alberta and Across Canada

By Province

MERGEN LAW will ensure you are prepared for Franchising your business depending on which Provinces you are moving into. Franchise Law is not federally controlled, it is regulated on a per-province basis.

Provinces with Franchise Law include:

  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • PEI

Provinces who are working on Franchise Regulation:

  • BC (pending)

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