Alberta Probate Forms

The Alberta probate forms, required by the Surrogate Rules, to apply for a Grant of Probate are:

Form NC 1 Contact information for executor and lawyer
Form NC 2 Affidavit by the executor
Form NC 3, Schedule 1 Information re: the deceased, death and deceased’s family
Form NC 4, Schedule 2 Details of will
Form NC 5, Schedule 3 Executor information
Form NC 6, Schedule 4 Beneficiaries
Form NC 7, Schedule 5 Inventory of assets and liabilities
Form NC 8 Affidavits of witnesses to the will
Form NC 19 Notice to beneficiaries
Form NC 20 Notice to beneficiaries of specific gifts

The Alberta probate forms are also required to apply for a Grant of Administration, if a will exists. The forms required for a Grant of Administration when there is no will are slightly different.

In addition, there are a number of other forms that may required in certain circumstances.

Completing Probate Court Forms

It is absolutely critical that you complete the probate forms correctly. Applications are returned if the forms do not contain all the information requested. This means that you must fill out every part of the form, putting in N/A or not applicable instead of leaving the line blank.

The primary reason people struggle with getting a Grant of Probate is that they have not filled out the forms properly. The court needs to ensure it has all the required information so it is very important to be thorough.

A copy of the Surrogate Rules and Forms is available for viewing or download from the Alberta Queen’s Printer.


With the sudden but separate passing of two family members last year, I became the Executrix for both Estates simultaneously. Imagine the challenges & legal complexities of navigating these unusual circumstances. JE Fletcher Professional Corporation guided me in a highly professional, experienced manner through to probate. I am truly grateful for the exceptional service this firm provided to me during this most difficult time of my family’s life.

- Michelle F.