Alberta Will Kits

Hiring a lawyer to prepare your will is not a legal requirement. You may choose to prepare your own will using one of the available Alberta will kits.

Before you do, you should consider the following:

  • Alberta will kits may contain disclaimers stating that the information is not legal advice and to consult with a lawyer for legal advice. This means that there is no recourse if there is an error in your will that creates complications, and there may be added costs to ensure your wishes are honoured. Your lawyer has professional liability insurance to protect you against errors.
  • A lawyer will make a determination of your mental capacity to execute a will. This may prove invaluable should a family member try to challenge the will on the grounds that you were not mentally competent at the time. If you prepare your will on your own, there is no independent confirmation of your mental state at the time.
  • A will can also be challenged if it was made under duress or undue influence. The inclusion of a lawyer can help, should your will be challenged on these grounds. Your lawyer will try to ensure that any interested parties are not present when the will is signed. On your own, there is no proof that someone didn’t influence your decisions.
  • You will save money using an Alberta will kit, but to do it properly you will likely need to spend some time educating yourself about the various issues involved and the decisions you need to make. Your lawyer will explain any issues, saving you from investing this time.



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