Probate Alberta Guide: Your Questions Answered

You’re probably here for one of three reasons. You’re: interested in planning your estate, considering taking on the role of a deceased’s personal representative, or looking for Calgary probate lawyers.

And you have questions about probate in Alberta. We’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find answers to common questions about probate, Alberta probate law, Alberta probate fees, and more.

Probate in Alberta: A Complex Process

Carrying out your duties as a personal representative can be very demanding, except in the simplest of situations. Our job is to try to explain the requirements in simple, non-legalese language so you will be better prepared.

The following pages will answer most of your questions and clarify the process. Simply click on the links below for an explanation of the topic.

The information here is not intended to cover every detail of probate in Alberta, but to serve as an overview. Remember, it is not intended to be legal advice and should not be relied on for that purpose.


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How We Can Help

Words cannot express how grateful and thankful our family is for the attention and many hours of detailed work that was completed over the past year by J. E. Fletcher Professional Corporation to handle the execution of probate of our parents estate.
We are very happy our parents selected John Fletcher to fulfill all the legal requirements to get closure on this part of the estate settlements. Our family is in total agreement that our parents would have been very glad to know their wishes were looked after exactly as they requested and with no difficulties for any of us. It made our lives much easier.
Again thank you — we want you to know we appreciated all the support we received from you, John. We would definitely recommend J. E. Fletcher Professional Corporation to others who may require legal assistance and/or representation.

- The Basil and Bettie Bell Family